Deep Dive in the Desert

October 24-27, 2023

Registration Closes October 1st!   

Featuring Master Teachers 
Marilyn Alauria, Dr. Steven Farmer & Ana Maria Vasquez

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This is an exclusive invitation
to an in-person journey with us to true multidimensional living!

Registration Closes
Sunday, October 1st!

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  Marilyn round    Farmer round (1)    AMV round

Tuesday, October 24 - Friday, October 27, 2023
Sacred Joshua Tree, California

During this exclusive in-person retreat:

Connect with special personal energetic guides

Engage in intuitive activities, processes, and practices

Spend time connecting with the natural desert energy

Experience shamanic journeys, ceremonies and rituals

This a true experiential retreat, where you will get to put into practice what you are learning!

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Registration Closes October 1st!

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Discover Your Inner Power and Take a
Deep Dive into Multidimensional Living!

Join Marilyn Alauria, Dr. Steven Farmer, and Ana Maria Vasquez for a multi-dimensional journey to activate your higher self and find clarity in moving forward with passion and purpose!

Activate your higher self by deepening your intuitive ability, connecting with your spirit guides, and embarking on a spiritual adventure!

Through powerful curated sessions, you’ll collaborate multi-dimensionally with the sacred land, minerals, plants, animals, and elements in an energetic portal incubating your intentions to explore personal growth and inner peace.

Be masterfully guided in this immersive energetic transformation: 

  • Gain access to powerful tools for spiritual expansion 

  • Live more consciously from your heart 

  • Trust yourself and your knowing as you open up a world of infinite possibilities for creating a life full of joy, love, and connection

The backdrop for our sacred time together is the Mohave Desert of Joshua Tree, California, a hopeful symbol in a world full of chaos and tells a story of survival, resilience, and beauty borne through perseverance.

 Return from this retreat with purpose and passion,
beaming from the inside out!
Registration Closes October 1st!

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Holding the Space in the Sacred Circle

Marilyn, Steven, and Ana Maria share the mission of helping you shift the energy that's keeping you stuck by connecting to the energetic and natural realms in deep and profound ways. These masterful practitioners will be holding the space and guiding you in the sacred circle during our time together

Marilyn Alauria
Psychic Medium, Teacher, and Coach

Marilyn is a gifted psychic medium, teacher, and coach with an unmatched capacity to ignite deep, soul-level transformation for her clients around the world. As the creator of Next Level Living, Soul Finder Academy, and Membership for Your Soul, she has given us a clear action plan for developing our talents, following our purpose, fulfilling our dreams and living in alignment with our souls.

Marilyn teaches spirituality in a way that leads to a practical, meaningful, and joyous life—no unicorns, flying carpets, or impossible routines required. She simplifies the path to living a life of peace, ease, and alignment, making true fulfillment easy and achievable for her students. After a successful, Emmy Award-winning career in the entertainment industry with MTV and NBC Olympics, Marilyn shifted her focus to sharing her natural gifts and helping others discover their own intuitive abilities. As a psychic medium, healer, teacher, author, and speaker, she lights up audiences around the world, delivering the training and guidance needed to succeed, thrive, and prosper. Marilyn is also the author of GUIDES: Mystical Connections to Soul Guides and Divine Teachers.

Dr. Steven Farmer

Psychotherapist, Shamanic Healer, and Author

Dr. Steven Farmer is a psychotherapist and shamanic healer, the author of several best-selling books and oracle cards, including Animal Spirit Guides, Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals, Earth Magic, Healing Ancestral Karma, Shaman's Path Cards, Earth Magic Oracle Cards, Power Animal Oracle Cards, Messages from the Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards, Children’s Spirit Animal Cards, and the soon to be released Messages from the Ancestors Oracle Cards and Messages from the Spirits of Nature Oracle cards.. In addition to workshops on Animal Spirit Guides, Integrative Breathwork, Healing Ancestral Karma, and shamanism, Dr. Farmer offers Integrative Healing sessions in person or online by phone or Zoom, as well as an individualized Spiritual Mentorship and Life Coaching program.

Ana Maria Vasquez
Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive

Ana Maria is a Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive. She is a natural energy reader who lifts the veil between what’s happening in the 3D world and the energetic patterns behind it. Through teaching, speaking, remote sessions, and her Multidimensional Mentorship, Ana Maria’s profound connection with the natural world sources her in helping you understand the messages coming from the animals and nature, while unpacking your intuitive backpack! She is also the author of Nature: Divine Experiences with Trees, Plants, Stones and Landscapes, a shamanic practitioner, a Certified Intuitive Strategist, and a Sacred Stories Luminary. 

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Retreat Schedule

5pm  Dinner
6pm:  Welcome Ceremony

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
7-9am  Breakfast
9am-Noon  Morning sessions
Noon-1:30pm  Lunch
1:30-6pm: Afternoon sessions
6pm  Dinner
7pm Friday Closing Ceremony

7-9am Breakfast

Limited Availability

All-Inclusive spaces are gone!

All Participants staying onsite will have a private room. Half of the rooms share a bathroom with one other person. Rooms will be assigned on a first-come basis, so register early. Please note there are no televisions in the rooms. The simple accommodations reflect a place to connect on a deep level with spiritual teachings and the beauty of the desert.


Food for Thought Café on the retreat campus happily offers healthy vegetarian food crafted with intention and served in an exquisite cafeteria designed in 1956 by Lloyd Wright following principles of organic architecture. Retreatants staying on site, have meals included in their All-Inclusive package, starting with dinner on Tuesday and ending with breakfast on Saturday. Those staying offsite have lunch included for them on Wed, Thursday, and Friday, and are responsible for the other meals on their own.  Those staying offsite have the option to purchase breakfasts & dinners after registering.

Commit to YOU now for Deep Dive in the Desert and discover a more meaningful connection with yourself and your guides!

Please note that airfare and transportation to Joshua Tree Retreat Center are not included 


All-Inclusive spaces are gone!

Retreat Program, Lodging, and Meals 
only available with all-inclusive option 

per person

 Exclusive in-person
All-inclusive retreat 

  • 4 day retreat program beginning with Tues night ceremony, ending with Fri evening ceremony 
  • 4 nights lodging Tues-Fri
  • Meals
    Dinner on Tues
    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner Wed & Thurs
    Breakfast on Sat

Due to the limited spots, there will be no refunds

All-Inclusive Spaces are Gone!



Retreat Program ONLY

per person

Exclusive in-person retreat
Registration Closes Sunday, October 1st! 

  • 4 day retreat program beginning with Tues night ceremony, ending with Fri evening ceremony 
  • Lunch on Wed, Thurs, & Fri
  • Option to purchase breakfasts & dinners

Due to the limited spots, there will be no refunds
Registration Closes Sunday, October 1st!

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Our sanctuary for this transformative experience is The Joshua Tree Retreat Center, home of the Institute of Mentalphysics, situated on 140 acres in the peace and quiet of the Mojave Desert. This is the perfect place to journey to multidimensional living!

The Joshua Tree Retreat Center represents the largest collection anywhere of Lloyd Wright mid-century buildings constructed and aligned with Organic Architecture principles. Embodying the essence of Organic Architecture, the interweaving of civilization and human habitation with the natural world, is at the core of this historical space. 

Our venue offers serene walking paths to explore, an exercise pool and hot tub for relaxation, a café, documented energy vortices, as well as a spiritual book and gift store to find inspiration.

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