The Animal Tarot 

Personalized Ancient Wisdom Based on Your Numerology

From the time we are born, we are taught to suppress our own natural rhythm.  This keeps us from fully stepping into our own power and accessing the fullness of our brilliance.  Learning about our own natural cycles that we move through in this embodiment allows us to step back into our own rhythm.  Working with the numbers based on your birth date, allows us to bypass the thinking mind that tries to dismiss the information being downloaded through other channels of divination.

As we step further into collaborating with Life Force energy through the animals and nature, we are reminded of the importance and auspiciousness of cycles in our life.  These cycles are mirrored back to us everywhere.   As we collaborate with the animals, we are able to remember how to navigate those cycles with greater ease and ultimately remembering to trust the whole cycle of change.  Integrating the energy of animals with the insights of the tarot, Ana Maria offers you a potent way to step into the New Year empowered with clarity.  Designed to further your ability to recognize the signs, symbols and messages coming from the animals. 

In this powerful private session with Ana Maria, you will receive the following based on your personal animal tarot: 

Your 2024 Animal Guide Determined by YOUR Numbers

This animal guide changes every year based on your personal numerology.  This animal reveals the possibilities for growth, opportunities, expansion, and challenge for the upcoming year. This gives you a  "heads up" and a container within which to hold the New Year.  Your 2024 animal guide comes in on your birthday in 2024 and stays with you until your birthday the next year.

Your Personal Totem Animal
Based on YOUR Birth Date

Your Totem Animal represents your inherent potential, as well as your purpose in this life time. This is a lifetime animal that is directly linked to your personal numerology and is with you from the time of birth. 

Annual Forecast
Your Monthly Animal Sponsors

You will learn exactly which animal will be supporting you each month of 2024.  You will be given 12 animals that will accompany you throughout the year. You are able to step confidently into each month with the knowledge of which animal's power is sourcing you.

Personal Animal Tarot Session
with Ana Maria

This power packed 30 minute private session combines Ana Maria's potent sought after Multi-Sensory Intuitive abilities with the insight of the numerology based Tarot, you will receive the following:

  • Your Lifetime Totem Animal
  • Your 2024 Animal Guide
  • Your 12 monthly Animal Sponsors
  • Energetic transmission of peace and clarity 
  • Audio recording of your session

Note: We will cover a 12 month time period based on when you schedule your session, so that you have information on the upcoming 12 months.

Your Private 30 minute Animal Tarot Session with Ana Maria $296
energy wolf

Client Testimonials

Ana Maria Vasquez, Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive

I want to tell you what a difference “meeting” you has made in my life. There are so many little things you have said during a webcast or reading that help me every single day.

Ana Maria Vasquez, Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive

She absolutely blew my shoes and shocks off. I experienced a huge moment in my life listening to her, as I write this I am crying just remembering it. It was like I had bits and pieces of knowledge and information and during this call I saw, felt and experienced it all come together…

Ana Maria Vasquez, Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive

You’re just, just so amazing and I’m so blessed to be in this tribe and with you as our leader

Ana Maria Vasquez, Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive

I received a type of energy that I don’t usually manifest. It was a very restful, calm energy with a steady tone of well being. I have carried that with me

Ana Maria Vasquez
Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive

I’m a natural energy reader, an interpreter of sorts, and I lift the veil between what’s happening in the 3D world and the energetic patterns behind it. As a multi-sensory intuitive, I’m able to tune in and see the places where your limiting beliefs are getting you stuck in old ways of being and showing up in the world. I have a profound connection with nature & animals and specialize in working with them because they act as mirrors to our inner landscape and help us make shifts that on our own we wouldn’t do.