Intuitive Energy Tracker
Certification Program 

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YOU can learn how to track and interpret
the energetic messages coming from the animals! 

The animals in our lives, whether they live with us or we come across them in the wild, have messages for us. Messages to help us with everyday situations and to act as a mirror to reflect our inner landscape. As humans, we’re energetically wired to receive these messages, however most of us were never taught how to tap into this energetic circuitry. I’ve dissected the anatomy of how I personally receive messages from animals and will walk you through the process so you can do the same! This certification course includes and starts with the Animals as Messengers program.










"As a graduate from Ana Maria‘s inaugural IET course I can tell you that she is an amazing teacher and you will have a blast! Like many in my class I was really afraid that I would not be able to communicate with the animals but found out what an amazing surprise that turned out to be! Once you learn to connect to animals then you’ll be able to connect to any energy be that a tree, stones, although you may have an affinity to specific beings. So yes YOU can and find out just how fun it is. And you know what? You’re probably already doing it and not aware."

Cathy M.


Module 1

Animals as Messengers

This certification course includes and starts with the Animals as Messengers program. This is my signature course that lays the foundation for all of the intuitive energy tracking that I teach. 

The Live Group Session for this module takes place on:

Thursday at 1pm PT on 
September 29th

Module 2

Activating the Power of the
Seasons in Your Life

I share teachings of the Seasons in 4 different seminars and explain how you can create an intentional life by applying these principles and activating this energy. You are able to tap into an amazing energy source for manifesting when you tune into and incorporate this seasonal guidance. You will receive clear guidance for your life during each of these timely and pertinent seasonal teachings.

  • Autumn as a Messenger
    downloadable audio recording
    AND Live Group Session on September 22nd at 9am PT
  • Winter as a Messenger
    downloadable audio recording
    AND Live Group Session on December 16th at 9am PT
  • Spring as a Messenger
    downloadable audio recording
  • Summer as a Messenger
    downloadable audio recording  

Each week you will have course content in the form of audios and then a live group session for questions and intuitive energy readings 

Module 3
Calibration to the Energy

In this module, I'll share practical tips and techniques for calibrating your energy field to the Universal Wisdom so that you can begin to tune into the energetic messages coming through. We'll cover this and more:

  • Tree Hugging, the practical reasons to do it
  • Your breath, the portal to the energy stream
  • Your body, the antenna for Universal Wisdom
  • I'll do live intuitive readings during this session!

Live Call
Tuesday, October  25th at 1pm PT

Module 4

The Body as a Messenger

In this module, I'll explain how you can read the energetic patterns behind the physical symptoms showing up in the body of an animal. It's important to reconnect to our own bodies as they are remarkable conduits for the messages coming through. 

Live Call 
Tuesday, November 1st at 1pm PT

Module 5

Blocks to Intuiting the Energy

In this module, I'll share some of the blocks that can get in the way of your receiving and interpreting the messages from the animals. You'll learn about personas and how they sabotage your confidence in the information you're receiving. I'll also take you through a series of potent clearings.

Live Call
Tuesday, November 8th 
at 1pm PT

Module 6

Practicum Hours

Theory is great, but putting that theory into action is what really creates the shifts in your ability to intuit messages from animals. In this module I will be explaining the process for you to begin to do intuitive energetic tracking readings for others. In order to successfully complete the certification program, you will be required to do 40 intuitive energetic tracking readings on animals. You will have access to my community of animal lovers who would love to hear from you what their animals have to share. You will receive immediate feedback and we will have check in sessions where I will tune into your progress.

Live Call
Tuesday, November 15th 
at 1pm PT

Module 7

Group Coaching Sessions

Join other tribe members in the sacred circle. This is where we will discuss the topics pertinent to your intuitive development. The ups, the downs, the insights...whatever is surfacing for better understanding. Your tribe will hold the space for you as you expand and shift. In these live calls we'll cover this and more:

sacred circle

Mind Management

Tuesday, November 29th at 1pm PT

Overcoming Roadblocks and Fear
Tuesday, December 6th at 1pm PT

Self Doubt
Tuesday, December 13th at 1pm PT

Fair & Even Exchange for Your Energy
Tuesday, January 10th at 1pm PT

Asking for Support and Being Authentic
Tuesday, January 17th at 1pm PT

You've Come a Long Way Baby!
Tuesday, January 24th at 1pm PT

When it goes wrong
Tuesday, January 31st at 1pm PT

PLUS two (2) Private 30min 1:1 sessions with Ana Maria to be used at your discretion during or after the course

Let nature be your guide social media


Let Nature Be Your Guide

6 Part course to help you connect with the hidden energies in the world around us! 

Team up with the animals and plants to amplify your intuitive abilities through your energy channels of hearing, seeing, feeling, and knowing, and a special opportunity to use your lesser used channels of taste, smell, and dream time!!      

Stop walking through life blindfolded and with earplugs!  Work with Nature to determine your primary intuitive channel and move from resignation about your intuitive abilities into a divinely guided life.  

Experience powerful Shamanic Activation Journeys with Bat, Wolf, Unicorn, Apple Tree and others to clear energies that may be blocking your intuitive channels.   

Whether you are beginning to see glimpses or you are ready to take your intuitive abilities to the next level, this is the course for you! 

Here's What's Included in this 
Intuitive Energy Tracker Certification Program:

  • Weekly course content (30-60mins) over the course of four months, covering topics in seven different modules.
  • Weekly live group Q&A with Intuitive Energy Readings (120 mins)  by Ana Maria to help integrate the information and anchor the learning. 
  • The course is limited to 10 new students so you can get the attention you need in class as you hone your abilities.
  • Digital downloadable recordings so that you can review the material whenever you need. 
  • Practicum hours in a supportive environment where you personally experience communicating with animals using the methods you learned in the course 
  • PLUS two (2) Private 30min 1:1 sessions with Ana Maria to be used at your discretion during or after the course
  • PLUS one (1) Private session where Ana Maria coaches you on more effective readings based on YOUR energy flow.
  • BONUS Let Nature Be Your Guide course to understand and develop your intuitive energy channels.

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  • Ana Maria Vasquez, Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive

    “I love Being Your student , have been listening on your Wednesday shows for so long and love Your Vibe!!”

  • Ana Maria Vasquez, Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive

    “Ana Maria is a wonderful and joyful teacher. It was a pleasure listening to her teachings and experience journeying with her.”

  • Ana Maria Vasquez, Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive

    “I want to tell you what a difference “meeting” you has made in my life. There are so many little things you have said during a webcast or reading that help me every single day.”

  • Ana Maria Vasquez, Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive

    “Thank you so much for your services! You are one of the most accurate people I know! I always feel safe and protected when I talk to you! I feel alignment with source! Thanks for connecting me with my animals that have passed on! ”