Music of the Plants: Clairsenses Activation Journey

Music of the Plants Activation Experience
for Your Clairesenses


Ana Maria Vasquez, Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive

and the music of

the Pinyon Tree & the Arnica Plant

Join Ana Maria on a plant led journey that will infuse activation energy into your clairsenses.  We will utilize energies of plant essences, minerals and recorded music made by the Pinyon Pine and the Arnica plant to calibrate your energetic field to the high vibration of nature.  After all you've experienced and the new possibilities that you have been exposed to around our connection to animals & nature, this is the perfect time to activate your clairsenses for this deeper connection and expansion.  Whether you are already feeling a connection with your clairsenses or not, you will LOVE this Meditative Plant Journey Activation and the Shifts that you feel!

  • Experience the Music of the Plants midi device that translates the plant's bio-energetic field into musical tones
  • We already know the effectiveness of plants in a myriad of ways, so imagine the potency of the sonic healing frequencies we can receive when we come into collaboration with the plants.
  • Through this journey you will establish alliance with the plants that will activate your clairsenses for clearer, more concise messages from nature, as well as in creasing your level of trust in those messages.
  • You will have a downloadable audio to use for subsequent journeys to continue to hone your clairsenses

Note: This is not an experience that uses plants to alter our state of mind, rather a voyage in collaboration with plants as an energetic portal and guide to deeper levels of connection and coherence