Trees as Messengers

YOU can tune into the Ancient Wisdom of the Trees!


Enter the Magical World of Trees Today

Join Ana Maria in the Magical World of Trees
You Will Never Look at a Tree the Same Way Again!

Science is making ground-breaking discoveries proving that trees communicate, have feelings, can count, and many other things no one thought possible. Throughout history, many of our ancestors honored the wisdom and power of trees, even believing them to be sacred beings. The trees have been waiting for us to remember our alliance. You are being invited to remember your connection with the trees. Journey with Ana Maria to a magical world and be re-introduced to ancient wisdom of the trees. Join me in this tree channeled experience! Here We Grow Again!

Trees As Messengers

Module 1

Orientation to the World of Trees as Messengers

Ana Maria welcomes you into the wonderful world of trees. In this session you will hear how Ana Maria first connected with trees and how the trees took her under their tutelage for 2 years. You'll learn about the different personalities that trees have. You'll discover how to establish and grow a relationship with the trees, and even how to collaborate with them. This will set you up to move through the other modules with ease. Ana Maria will take you on a shamanic journey to activate your tree energy and connect with their ancient wisdom.


Tuning Into Trees
Module 2

In this module I share ways that you can tune into trees and to calibrate to their frequency so that you can receive messages from the the trees. Mind, Body, and Spirit ways to connect with the trees. You'll learn metaphysical and practical ways to work with the grounding energy of trees.

Tree Symbology
Module 3

In this module, I'll share practical tips and techniques for interpreting the symbology of the trees. We'll also discuss the predominant energy present in some of my favorite trees.

Module 4

In this module I'll be talking about bio-photons. What they are and how you can benefit from them. I'll explain the energy of bio-photons and how they are really a bridge to the other dimensions.

Tree Auras
Module 5

In this module, I'll share about tree auras. I teach you a technique for revealing the aura of a tree. You'll also see a video of James demonstrating the technique. What fun to play in the energy with the trees!

Activating Plant Medicine
Module 6

In this module I'll explain the importance of activating plant medicine for maximum effectiveness. You'll learn how to activate and invoke the collaborative energy with the plants.

What Dogs & Men Do Instinctively
(even if they don't know why)

Module 7

I love the humor of the trees! In this module I'll share a very special and out of the ordinary healing technique that the trees shared with me. You will be getting in line with these dogs!

Tree Process for Transmuting, Healing, & Manifesting
Module 8

In this module I'll explain the process the trees shared with me for transmuting, healing & manifesting. This is a wonderful process to co-create with the trees.

Natural Rhythm
Module 9

In this module we will explore the natural rhythm of trees and the inherent wisdom. We'll look at the messages from the trees about slowing down and trusting in the natural flow of energy.

When We All Do Better, We All Do Better
Module 10

The trees have so much wisdom to share with us if we're willing to listen. The trees understand the importance of working together.
The trees also offer us a reflection of our future in order to wake us up and remember who we Be.


LIVE Group Session for participants with
Q&A/Intuitive Energy Readings
featuring Ana Maria 

Can’t attend live?
Not a problem!
You can submit your question ahead of time and listen for your answer on the replay


Bonus #1

"Trees Helping Humans Develop Their Intuition"
Kaitlyn Keyt & Ana Maria downloadable audio recording


Bonus #2

“Trees as Messengers: Resources to Take Your Connection Deeper”
Ana Maria's downloadable eGuide

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Enter the Magical World of Trees


  • 10 modules (audio & video) delivering tips & techniques to connect deeper with the trees
  • Live Group Q&A/Intuitive Energy Reading Session with Ana Maria
  • BONUS: "Trees Helping Humans Develop Their Intuition" with Kaitlyn Keyt & Ana Maria audio download
  • BONUS: Trees As Messengers Resources PDF
Take Your Experience Deeper

Upgrade Your Experience


  • 10 modules (audio & video) delivering tips & techniques to connect deeper with the trees
  • Live Group Q&A/Intuitive Energy Reading Session with Ana Maria
  • BONUS: "Trees Helping Humans Develop Their Intuition" with Kaitlyn Keyt & Ana Maria audio download
  • BONUS: Trees As Messengers Resources PDF


  • Private 1:1 session with Ana Maria
  • 30 minute private Tree Wisdom Re-Connection session with me to support and enhance your learning with the Trees as Messengers Experience.



“Multisensory Animal & Nature Intuitive”

I’m so glad you’re here and for the opportunity to connect!

I welcome you with a big bright smile and infectious laughter! I’ve been an educator, trainer & coach for more than 19 years in various areas of personal transformation.

I’m a natural energy reader, an interpreter of sorts, and I lift the veil between what’s happening in the 3D world and the energetic patterns behind it. As a multi-sensory intuitive, I’m able to tune in and see the places where your limiting beliefs are getting you stuck in old ways of being and showing up in the world. I have a profound connection with nature & animals and specialize in working with them because they act as mirrors to our inner landscape and help us make shifts that on our own we wouldn’t do.

I’m also a certified Intuitive Strategist and I serve on the faculty of the Academy for the Soul. My prayer and intention is to BE of service and that prayer is the impetus for the creation of the Here We Grow Again webinar series.

What People are Saying About Ana Maria


“I want to tell you what a difference “meeting” you has made in my life. There are so many little things you have said during a webcast or reading that help me every single day.”

“She absolutely blew my shoes and shocks off. I experienced a huge moment in my life listening to her, as I write this I am crying just remembering it. It was like I had bits and pieces of knowledge and information and during this call I saw, felt and experienced it all come together…”

” You’re just, just so amazing and I’m so blessed to be in this tribe and with you as our leader”

“So much Gratitude that we were able to connect so physically in the astral realms. My sisters were so moved by the information…& so relieved at the closure we could garner from this. Your loving connection was so perfect…heart & empathy & compassion in a very charged family time. Thank you for all of this from all of us…Mom & Dad included.”
Love always,

“I’ve loved every minute & you have been SPOT ON with both readings that gave me goosebumps Please followup this work with another series soon, as I would love to continue learning & growing with you!! My “boys” Beau & Harley are deeply grateful too“

“I was shivering & probably the best word would be – vibrating at your last message for me from William.”

“It was a tremendous gift to receive your insights and I can confirm that your message was right on for our circumstances….we received a wonderful blood work report this morning which showed that almost all levels of liver enzymes are normal. What a dramatic improvement! Thank you again for your wisdom and caring!”
~Judy and Tilly